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To create structures and devices that will:

minimize our impact on the environment
enhance our quality of life
have minimal embodied energy
be suitable for high volume, low cost, mass-manufacture

There's no limit to what you can accomplish
if you don't care who gets the credit

Jack Goldman
founder of Xerox PARC


IResI is developing novel appliances that address three related issues.

Water Purification
Power Generation

Each appliance is based on the same Core Technology.

Successful commercialization will result in a number of significant benefits for individuals, societies, and the ecosystem.

CORE TECHNOLOGY: The Solid Oxide Supercritical Water Electrochemical Cell* (SOSWEC)

The SOSWEC is a single device that simultaneously generates electrical power, heat, high-pressure steam, and potable water directly from the electrochemical oxidation (combustion) of carbonaceous materials dissolved in supercritical water.

wet biomass such as waste food, or sewage
petroleum oils or tars, biodiesel, waste cooking oils, unrefined algal and vegetable oils, sugars, and sugar polymers
pulverized coal, and charcoal.

Environmental Footprint
The SOSWEC discharges only carbon dioxide (CO2).
The discharge is climate neutral when biomass, or bio-sourced fuel is used.




*Patents Pending




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